Is Infrastructure Complexity Overwhelming Your IT and slowing down Business?

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Is your server and storage utilization as good as you want them to be? (Per Gartner, industry average for server utilization is just 7% to 12%!)

In August 2016, Delta Airlines, the world’s second largest carrier had to ground its planes and leaving passengers stranded. The reason? Computer systems crashed due to power outage!

The cost per hour to the business on Network outages is ever increasing!

What does poor, inflexible infrastructure utilization mean?

  • Critical applications delivering below expectations
  • IT staff focusing on routine tasks, not adding business value!
  • Slower to respond to business requirements

The answer to your IT issues!

Enter our cloud, container and data center solutions to

  • Reduce cost & increase asset utilization
  • Improve stability, performance and lower risk
  • Improve availability of IT infrastructure and SLA adherence
  • Implement cloud readiness

Get the SyTech advantage.

With the depth of our experience, we can get you there quickly! How would you like your IT to

  • Move away from maintaining infrastructure to introducing business innovations
  • Move to more optimized and automated IT operations
  • Move towards optimized and emerging technologies
    (Composable, Hybrid Cloud …)

Multi-location Compute Deployments for a Fortune 100 organization!

  • Pre-built, tested & inventoried infrastructure for just-in-time deployment
  • Server assembly and configuration, Host name IP assignments, Asset & host name tagging
  • Repack and Ship
  • Installation & Onsite testing
Deployment over 500 locations across USA. On time and under budget!

Storage Consolidation – Multiple legacy systems to 1

  • 3X performance improvement
  • 90% Rack space reduction
  • 90% Power reduction
  • Simplified Systems administration
  • Data Migration from legacy to new

Network Refresh for a major Healthcare provider!

  • 4 X bandwidth improvement : 10 GB to 40GB
  • Simplified management
  • Wired and Wireless
  • Design, Migration, Training and Installation
  • On time & under budget

Modernize your Traditional Apps … Make them Portable and Cost Efficient!

Maintaining your legacy applications could be expensive and time consuming. Some of them are perhaps decades old. Maybe the team that built and deployed them is no longer with you. This could pose a challenge for app maintenance, security and support.

Enter Docker Enterprise Edition (DEE) – the fastest and easiest way to modernize these apps! Yes, you can now make your legacy apps portable to cloud infrastructure, more secure and cost efficient!

Docker is the standard for packaging all kinds of applications – Windows, Linux, traditional apps and micro services.  Begin your journey with the basics of container technology. Let SyTech’s DEE expertise address your app challenges!

Great ROI

You can now modernize your legacy app without touching even a single line of code …
And in the process, get incredible ROI too!

Please see sidebar for the incredible benefits of modernization with SyTech’s help.


Monolithic Code to Micro services!

Data show that 80% of IT budget is spent on maintaining legacy apps. How would you like to potentially cut that into half?

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Modernizing Traditional Apps (MTA) in Numbers!

  • Consolidate existing infrastructure by up to 70%
  • Reduce deployment time by up to 99%
  • Security patch deployment – Cut Mean Time To Resolution (MTTR) by up to 99%
  • Reduce Time to Scale your application by up to 99%

Enhanced Security

Container technology increases the default security for applications in two ways:

1) It applies an isolation layer (a) between applications and (b) between the application and the host.

2) It reduces the host surface area to protect both the host and the co-located containers by restricting access to the host.

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Developers Adapt Easily to Docker

Thanks to containerization, coders may construct code on personal notebook systems running Windows, Linux or Mac OS. It will behave exactly the same when launched on your data center servers or in cloud containers.  What does this mean? Coders can support your enterprise efforts by using the tools they are comfortable with. On an everyday platform!

Ride the MTA Wave Now!

Docker Enterprise Edition is the only Container-as-a-Service platform that unifies the management and security of disparate IT infrastructure and applications. Docker’s Modernizing Traditional Apps (MTA) program is on now.

To potentially halve your IT spend on legacy apps, Contact SyTech Inc today!

Your 21st Century Data Center



  • Increase your productivity by 50%
  • Reduce your devices by 10:1
  • Reduce your storage by 40:1
  • Decrease your TCO by 70%

Create a resilient, hyperpowered virtualized environment with HPE’s SimpliVity

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  • Treat your infrastructure as code
  • Deploy hardware at cloud-like speeds
  • Eliminate application silos
  • Storage, compute and networks become resource pools

Control your infrastructure with code.
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