Is Infrastructure Complexity Overwhelming Your IT?

Let 214 Years of Experience Help You!

Is your server and storage utilization as good as you want them to be? (Per Gartner, industry average for server utilization is just 7% to 12%!)

What does poor infrastructure utilization mean?

  • Critical applications delivering below expectations
  • IT staff focusing on routine tasks rather than add business value!

The answer to your IT issues!

Enter our data center solutions to

  • Reduce cost & increase asset utilization
  • Improve stability, performance and lower risk
  • Improve availability of IT infrastructure and SLA adherence
  • Implement cloud readiness

Get the SyTech advantage.

With 214 years of relevant experience, we can get you there quickly! If you want your IT to

  • Move away from maintaining infrastructure to introducing business innovations
  • Move to more optimized and automated IT operations
  • Move towards emerging technologies
    (Convergence, Cloud …)

Multi-location Deployments for a Fortune 100 organization!

  • Server assembly and configuration
  • Host name IP assignments
  • Asset & host name tagging
  • Repack and Ship
  • Installation & Onsite testing
Single project deployment over 200 locations across USA!

Network Refresh for a major HealthCare provider!

  • 4 X bandwidth improvement : 10 GB to 40GB
  • Simplified management
  • Wired and Wireless
  • Migration and Installation
  • On time & under budget

Get More out of Your IT!

Utilization Up, Cost Down!

In today’s world, your business needs to transform or risk being left behind. With our futuristic, well designed data center solutions you could avoid

  • Risk of downtime due to the failure of aged, inefficient infrastructure
  • Inefficient energy use and low capacity utilization
  • Perceived slow application performance and website access
  • Management complexity and additional, unanticipated costs

Performance and Availability improvements for Network Monitoring

  • Architected and implemented HP’s Network Node Manager
  • Automation of tasks and autocorrect issues
  • Delivered substantial improvement in customer response

Choose Convergence, Choose Convenience!

Designed for Convergence!

You cannot solve tomorrow’s IT problems with yesterday’s technologies!

You need a way to break down the silos of compute, storage and networking… You need Convergence!

When you’re exploring new business opportunities like Mobility and Cloud, you want your IT to keep pace with business. That’s where HP Convergence comes in: The industry’s most modern portfolio of integrated systems.

  • Service delivery in minutes, not weeks
  • Data center utilization: 70+%
  • Can integrate with your existing infrastructure

Get The HPE Advantage

  • Hewlett Packard Enterprise pioneered Converged Infrastructure in 2009
  • Has been a leader ever since
  • Industry’s most modern portfolio of servers, storage, networking and management software