We provide information technology solutions and services to help organizations optimize their data center with state-of-art facilities

Cloud Storage Solutions

Reduce cost and Increase asset utilization. Improve stability, performance and availability of your IT assets.

Legacy App Modernization

Have a huge IT budget for maintaining legacy apps? Now you can potentially cut that into half using containerization!

Data Center

Move to software-defined-infrastructure to significantly improve productivity, drastically reduce devices and storage!

Managed Cloud Services

Provide your users anytime anywhere access to their documents and applications. Stream desktop applications from AWS to any device.

Wireless Network Solutions

Protect your wireless network from malicious users and unauthorized devices. Provide users reliable network access they will love!


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What We Offer

  • IT infrastructure and data center solutions
  • Managed Cloud Services
  • Enterprise Network
  • Monitoring, Automation and Orchestration
  • Docker Containers

IT infrastructure and data center solutions

IT infrastructure and data center solutions

Systems integration

Build and integrate computer, storage, network and software

  • Cut cycle time with highly automated offerings
  • Custom configurations built to specification
  • Create and test new standards in secure environments
  • Enjoy warehousing facilities and efficient global logistics

Infrastructure-as-a- service

  • Capacity Deployment on demand - Preprovisioned inventory

Managed Cloud Services

Managed Cloud Services

  • Architecture, Design and ongoing optimization of Hybrid Cloud workloads
  • Application workload assessment and migration
  • Ongoing secure cloud deployments and continuous monitoring
  • Gain efficient cost management and optimize resource utilization based on usage

Enterprise Network

Enterprise Network

Wireless LAN solutions

  • Comprehensive design and implementation services
  • Proof-of-Technology for new use cases e.g. Tracking, Location services
  • Wi-Fi assessments: Onsite and Remote
  • Wireless security and Management

Monitoring, Automation and Orchestration

Monitoring, Automation and Orchestration

Design and Implementation

  • Monitor application and infrastructure level view across multiple platforms in end-to-end hybrid solutions
  • Automate day-to-day tasks with ITIL based best practices
  • Orchestrate tasks across complex IT processes

Docker Containers

Docker Containers

Design, Proof-of-Technology (POT) and Implementation

  • Provide Application Portability across on-premise and Multi-Cloud platforms
  • Modernize traditional applications
  • Standardize: Ensure consistency across development, release cycles
  • Greater ROI: Significantly reduce infrastructure resources and benefit from rapid deployment
  • Unmatched security: Applications running on containers; completely isolated

The SyTech Advantage

    We create amazing customer experience by:

  • Providing innovative technology solutions
  • Matching your unique business needs
  • Working to deliver great ROI
  • Consistently providing high quality solutions nationally and globally
  • Executing broad range of technology projects
  • Delivering on time and on budget
  • Over-delivering on your service expectations
  • Deploying highly experienced team of professionals with leading technology company experience
  • Leveraging deep expertise in Design, Build and Operate across the technology spectrum


  • Won Supplier of the Year award from a Fortune 50 company
  • Several customer references across range of technology implementations
  • Minority Business - WRMSDC certified, enabling organizations to meet Supplier Diversity requirements